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We (Viewers Corner News team) are appealing to the whole world to come together and pray for world peace. No matter our religious differences or beliefs, we are one before the Almighty God. We have seen different kinds of killings going on everywhere in the world, this is not right in the presence of the Almighty God.
When he created this world, he made it for every human being to be fulfilled and live with one another in peace and harmony but all these problems that are going on in this world are man-made. Certain group of individuals or persons that regard themselves as the untouchables do not care about anyone, all they are interested is to satisfy themselves even if it requires killing another human being which is not fair at all. Viewers Corner News is reminding every one in this beautiful world that we are created equal by the Almighty God. Sincerely there is no rich man or woman in this world that made his/her wealth alone, you need the services of another human being to get rich even if you pay for the person’s service. This will tell us in essence that we need each other to be able to live in this world and we should respect that.
Viewers Corner News articles are for peace and unity in the world. If someone hurts you, try to find a means of resolving the issue with whoever, be it an individual or nation against nation. Somewhere along the line, ask this question why and what are we fighting for? This world is like a market place, which means that no one on earth will be here forever, we all shall someday go back to the Lord, so treat your fellow human beings with respect and dignity. Stop this fighting that is going on in this world. Let us take the path of peace. If we have peace on earth, the Almighty God will surely do more good things for us because we are His children unless proven otherwise, that means because of our bad ways on earth, the Almighty God has stayed a bit far from us.
Let us beg for God’s forgiveness and go closer to him so that we can be able to receive his blessings.

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