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Viewers Corner News team carried out a research in Nigeria health/medical sector, what we discovered from the health/medical sector of the country is not encouraging. This brings us to the reason why most wealthy and influential pregnant women are traveling abroad to have their babies delivered there. It is not only because they want their new born babies to have citizenship of the country where their babies are delivered but most hospitals/clinics in Nigeria have no good equipment to handle certain situations if the need arises. Another worst and terrible aspect is that most midwives/nurses are not properly trained in this profession. They get angry so quickly and they render abuses to their patients. Normally as a well trained nurse/midwife, your profession demands a little bit of counseling not shouting at your patients. Viewers Corner News is appealing to all the medical personnel in this category to be compassionate when they are handling their patients because this is part of what this professional is all about. Another terrible thing we observed is that some women going through labour were badly abused by majority of the nurses/midwives instead of counseling their patients by using nice words to calm them down. Some of these nurses/midwives mostly use words like “shut-up your mouth, when you are doing it with your husband, you were enjoying it. Now you are here shouting and disturbing us”. Some say “Madam, you better close your mouth and push because you have not started anything yet and more other harsh words. This is very bad and such practice in this medical profession should never be tolerated.
Again, some Nigerian doctors finds it difficult to explain in details to their patients the nature of sickness that is troubling them. We see this as a mistake on the part of the doctors. As a medical doctor, it is your responsibility to explain to your patients everything he or she needs to know about his or her health. It is important to note that every question from your patient is very relevant and you should be able to answer all correctly because your answers can calm your patients down and as such could save his or her life, not only prescribing medicines. This is just an advice to all the medical personnel in Nigeria so that a healthy nation can be built.
Our findings also revealed that most nurses/midwives in the hospitals/clinics in Nigeria wear their uniforms around when they close from work, normally it should not be so. Every nurse/midwife should have a little wardrobe where she can keep her uniforms within the hospital/clinic and should only be used during working hours, not wearing your uniforms to your house when you close for the day’s job. Certain precautionary measures should be in place. We advise that every hospital/clinic should please provide a little wardrobe for every medical staff that handles patients so that they do not wear their uniforms from their homes and back home after work, this is for hygiene purposes. Qualified personnel should be in charge of pharmacies in Nigeria and not people who have no knowledge of medicine.
Based on Viewers Corner News findings, we are appealing to President Buhari’s administration and the Nigerian Medical Association to work out a better approach to these issues we have mentioned in this article. We suggest that orientation be given to all the medical personnel in various hospitals/clinics in Nigeria because lives are being lost on daily basis as a result of carelessness and recklessness on the part of most medical/health personnel.
Viewers Corner News team have concluded plans to write a special letter on this aspect to the Nigerian Medical Association and also to President Buhari’s administration to look into this issue properly because women are suffering so much during child labour in Nigeria which is not supposed to be so. A new measure should be in place to ease the pains women are passing through during delivery.
We (Viewers Corner News and the Advisory team) are concern citizens of the world and care so much about the welfare of every human being world wide. Let us protect our women world wide from this painful situation at all times.
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