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Viewers Corner News comprehensive study on this subject has shown that majority of failed marriages in the third world countries is as a result of some of these factors; (extended family) mothers in-law/compatibility problems. Some mothers in-law and other extended family members trying to act as referees between the man and his wife, they will never allow their sons’ wives to live in peace with their husbands. The mother of the man would always like whatever thing that is going on in her son’s home to always be communicated to her but she failed to understand that the two (her son and wife) are now man and wife and should be left alone to live their lives. Somehow if the son is the “YES MUM AND MY WIFE MUST TAKE EVERYTHING MY MOTHER SAYS TYPE OF A MAN”, then there will always be a problem in his marriage. Sure it is good for a man to listen to his mother which is very important but always be in the center between your mother and your wife. If your mother makes a mistake, correct her nicely and be honest about it and if your wife makes a mistake, correct her nicely too. Never take side on any issue wrongly no matter who is involve, always be fair if you want to have a happy marriage. Surely quarrels will always come between two couple which is inevitable and it is normal too in any marriage but the ability to resolve that particular problem peacefully without having to run to your mother and your father or other extended family members will strengthening and keep the love a man and his wife share together. Viewers Corner News advice on this issue is, the couple should try to be sincere to each other. Another important aspect everyone should look forward to is compatibility, not religion or ethnicity. As a lady during the period of courtship before you finally say yes to a man’s proposal, some of the things you should check about him are; Has he ever raised his hand to beat you whenever there is an argument? Does he smoke or drink excessively, does he gamble, does he keeps late nights, is he the respectful type, does he have the fear of God and does he shout on you on any little mistake you make instead of correcting you nicely? If you as a woman is convinced that he is the right person having stayed with him for a while and taking into consideration some of these few important points mentioned here, then you can go ahead and marry him. Definitely, you will have a very happy marriage life. Once again, the decision to marry whosoever you choose to spend the rest of your life with is solely your responsibility, your parents or other extended family members can only guide or advise you but it is not a must that you will do as they suggested, so be watchful and wise when making a choice.

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