It was alleged that in Imo state (Nigeria), the commissioner for happiness (Mrs Ogechi Ololo) has asked the men in Imo state to marry two wives to reduce the rate of prostitution in the state. Honestly in our (Viewers Corner News team) opinion, this is the most horrible advice anyone can give to men. Can the commissioner for happiness in Imo state (Nigeria) sincerely ask her husband to marry another wife? Madam commissioner for happiness, what stops your government (Imo state government) from empowering those women rather than pleading with men in Imo state to marry them? Such advice is wrong. Please Mrs Ogechi Ololo (commissioner for happiness in Imo state), Viewers Corner News and the Advisory team is appealing to you and your state government to kindly encourage those women to engage themselves into something useful. Again Imo state government should create opportunities for women by training them on different skills which would enable them stand firmly on their own and earn a good living as independent women rather than asking men to marry two wives. The implications of such advice would be more dangerous than what it tends to achieve. The Imo state government should figure out a better way to help those women like we suggested above. Please the idea of men in Imo state marrying two wives should not be encouraged at all. Such method is a kill joy and should be discarded.
Source: Viewers Corner News.